The iconic silk route present in the region of Sikkim was once a part of the ancient trade route which facilitated trade between China and India. The route was used for massive trades of silk textiles which originated in China and was transported through this route to India and other European countries. It is known for its various sightseeing locations now.


If you visit Sikkim, avail an exclusive silk route tour package according to your comforts and plans. Booking a package will make the trip budget-friendly as most of the tour plans include everything from food service to homestays. Make a wonderful memory with your family and companions and cherish it forever.




There are many lakes in the Sikkim silk route you can visit if you admire the beauty of natural lakes, some of them are:


Tsomgo Lake

This place is also referred to as Changu Lake, located at a high altitude of around 12500 feet. This lake is located near Gangtok and is regarded as one of the most admirable places in Sikkim. This lake is considered a sacred lake by the local Buddhist and Hindu people. The glacier of the mountains melt into the source of water of this lake and that is the reason why it’s never dried.


Hangu Lake

This lake has been recently formed and is located at an altitude of 13000 ft. This Lake is quite similar to Changu Lake as the source of its water comes from the melted glaciers of the mountains in this region. It is also regarded as one of the best bird-watching locations as during winters the Himalayan birds usually migrate towards this region.


Kupup Lake

This lake is known for its unique shape resembling an elephant and is called the Elephant Lake. This is a high-altitude lake that includes a magnificent view of the Himalayas. It is also regarded as a sacred Lake present in this region.


Strawberry Lake

It is one of the high-altitude Lakes present in the region of Sikkim, with an altitude of around 13500 feet. Its shape resembles the shape of a strawberry and hence gaining its name. This Lake is frozen during winter and the main source of water comes from the melted glaciers of neighboring mountains.


Visit Sikkim with your family and companions and have a memory of a lifetime. The various beautiful sightseeing locations in this region give a thrill to every adventurer. The Lakes in the tour packages of the iconic silk route are all natural beauties and soothe the soul of any visitor. Take a chance to see the magnificent views of the great Himalayas and rejoice in them forever.

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