Are you ready to pack your bags and get on board with your friends? Tired of your work and have finally decided you need a vacation? It’s the perfect time to visit the silk route in Sikkim, the pleasant weather and mind-blowing sightseeing locations will give you a memory of a lifetime.


You can book 3 nights 4 days silk route package and enjoy yourself with your family and companions for a thrilling trip this holiday. Enjoy Sikkim with your loved ones and carry everything you need to have a comfortable and hassle-free stay.





If you are traveling to a different country you should not forget your passport or you would be caught by the airport police and have a terrible time. Check the validation of the passport before traveling otherwise, you wouldn’t get very far with it. It is one of the most important things you should carry while traveling.


Money wallet

Without money, you cannot travel. You should not forget your wallet right before leaving and also carefully manage it with you. You will have a bad time if you lose your wallet. Managing money properly can also highly affect your tour financially in a good way.


Hand sanitizer

Carrying a hand sanitizer can be handy in places you cannot wash your hand with soap. It can also prevent communicable diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. As health is important, hand sanitizer is an essential item one requires or needs while traveling.


Charging wire and adapter

We cannot imagine a world with mobile phones now. Mobile phones act as important communicating devices in our lives. A dead phone is equal to a no phone, without a charger you can get in trouble. Not everyone is kind enough to lend you a charger and that is why you need to carry your charging wire and adapter.



If you are suffering from any disease, you should never forget to carry your medications. People suffering from major diseases should be careful about carrying their medications. If you are traveling to an unknown place finding and looking for the medication you need, might get hassling. Better safe than sorry, you should not forget your medications.


Clothes and underwear 

Wearing clean clothes would help you prevent skin infections and skin diseases. Sometimes while traveling to many places, finding laundry services can be a hassle camping and trekking. You need to make sure you have enough sets of clothes and underwear to help you make it through the vacation.


Don’t forget to carry all the things you need for this vacation, including your passport, charger, medication, sanitizer, wallet, and your clothes. Have a great time with your family and companions and happy holidays.

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